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Enjoy A Bit Of Luxury And Full Freedom With Wenatchee Homes For Sale

Many people are caught within the dilemma of whether to buy a Wenatchee Homes for Sale or rent one. Renting a house or apartment means staying on others property on lease and pay the owner money every month. Contrary to renting, house ownership refers to buying the complete house through loans or through cash.

The cost of owning a house may be more than renting but in the long run, home ownership is beneficial. Renting allows you to expend more money in a short time while buying Wenatchee Homes for Sale gives one the sense of security and is considered a long-term investment.

To help you make a well-informed decision, here are a few pros of buying Wenatchee Homes for Sale:


As the property is completely yours, buying houses for sale Wenatchee WA becomes a celebration. You don’t run the risk of getting kicked off by the owner. Maybe you can afford a simple house, not like a lavish house on rent. But it is certainly a comfort knowing that you will always have a roof over your head. And gradually you can keep modifying the house with amenities of your dream.


Purchasing Wenatchee Homes for Sale, be it near the Wenatchee Valley or at Chelan or Leavenworth, you can enjoy long-term benefits like security and potential growth. The value of a house keeps increasing with time. If you decide to sell it someday, owing to the fact that a house provides financial stability, you can get easy returns. But you must make repairs and take proper care to establish a financial foundation for future generation.


A Landlord can increase your monthly rent when the lease expires. This can give you an unexpected burden whereas owning a house can lock your housing payment for a certain period of time. Moreover, the moment you successfully clear all your debts you are simply free to enjoy for the lifetime. The only expenses you need to make is paying housing taxes and those are too much affordable. You can also make as many modifications to your house without worrying about your landlord’s anger.

In short, a house is a private property, which is owned by you, and you are the sole decision maker. In case you are still staying on a rent, start saving, get your loan pre-approved and look for your dream home.

What If I Cannot Afford A House?

For those who cannot afford to buy a Wenatchee Homes for Sale, Condos are the best option for them. Condos can be defined as a private residential unit within a multi-unit building or community. It means you can own everything inside the walls, and the advantages are the location, amenities, and price.


Luxurious Inside Features

Who does not want to explore the facilities that come with owning a Condo? Actually, you can modify your home as you feel like. Granite floors, modular kitchen, modernized floor plans are few of the modifications open to condo owners. The main feature of Wenatchee Condos for Sale is compact and coziness. Freely make changes to your condo and make it look like your dream home.

Easy Amenities, And Large Grounds

Clubhouses, mini plex’s, gym centers, Golf grounds, swimming pools, mini food Court, Barbecuing areas, tennis courts altogether offers a perfect living to the owners.

Sophisticated Secured System

Compared to owning a house, staying in a condo is more secure. These complexes are often gated and staffed with guards. They have sophisticated security systems like CCTV cameras, gate checks and more.

Freedom From Maintenance And Upkeep

Wondering how is it possible! When you are a condo owner you need to pay a monthly association fee to take care of daily and monthly condo maintenance.

Therefore, if any problem arises to the outer walls of your condo, the association will conduct the repairs and maintenance. Mowing lawns, replacing broken windows, and maintaining the outer walls are the responsibility of the condo association, while owners are responsible for the interior.

No matter what layout your condo has, comparing it with a house, the square footage is always less. Certainly, it may feel more compact and you will surely not have a private garden to relax in a swinging in a rocking chair.
To fill this empty space, if you value your privacy more than anything else, a house for sale Wenatchee WA, in just perfect for you.

leavenworth real estate

Know The History Of Leavenworth WA

The History of Leavenworth dates back from 1890 when the original town was built on the Icicle Flats. At the end of the century, the town began to blossom with the arrival of the rail line. Leavenworth is a faux-Bavarian village about 120 miles east of Seattle.

This city is a fairytale-like town with the view of Swiss Alps and mountains of Central Washington. There’s a big sign in the city saying “Leavenworth, Bavarian Village”.

In 1890s Leavenworth was bursting with settlers who came in this city searching for gold, furs, and fertile farmland. Leavenworth flourished until the Great Northern railway Company rerouted the railroad, and then the economy faced a great drawback. But disaster arose when the sawmill subsequently closed.

It took Leavenworth more than 3 decades to get back to its current shape. Hoping for some tourism to flow in and change the fate of this city, the community leaders came up with a unique and strong plan to rebuild the town. The beautiful Alpine hills in the backdrop made its contribution in designing a hamlet in the form of a scintillating Bavarian village, hence, the thousands of tourists got their favorite destination in the middle of the Washington State.

The Wenatchee River cuts through Leavenworth, this gave rise to great tourist & recreational facilities. Outdoor adventure types like the white-water rafting trips are simply loved by every resident of Leavenworth. For the less adventurous families, you can carry the inner tubes.

Valuable Tips for People planning to buy Wenatchee homes for Sale

Buying homes are surely exciting but it is challenging too. Why is it necessary to be accompanied with a Wenatchee Real Estate Agent? If this question often comes into your mind, then a clear answer is agents are experienced, educated, and have proper knowledge about the home buying and selling legal laws.

For beginners, the home search is never easy. Here are a few tips to kick-start your home search:


Home location sets your lifestyle. Set the picture of the community you want to be in. Check how far is the transport, schools for your children, hospitals, market and malls for shopping and buying regular food items. Also, do not forget to check the community parks and how they celebrate the festivals.

Remote locations can give a peaceful living. Therefore, if you are planning to buy your second home, check cabins for sale in eastern Washingtonto be in close acquaintance to nature.


Whether it’s a home or buying any type of property never exceed beyond your capability to repay. Deciding the money matters is very important. Houses are mere building, which becomes a home with proper love and affection. Therefore, it is never worthful, to invest in a house made of brick and mortar, on the other hand, sacrifice your peace of living and happiness.

Set a particular price to guide you. Also, keep a certain extra amount that you may need while price negotiation. Remember Real estate costs vary depending on the location and the type of residence you want to invest. Essentially do a little research on the cost of houses in that particular location. The internet has all kind of information, hence, before contacting a Wenatchee Real Estate Agent get your facts right.


Wenatchee Homes for Sale come in the form of condos, townhouse, single family home, cabins, and resorts. Decide the house according to your family size. A condo is sufficient for a newlywed couple, for the large family a single family home can make justice. If you want to spend your holidays, a beautiful cabin is lovely.

To help you decide your home type here are a few tips. Decide on how much space you need for your house. If you are having a large family, and dogs, a single family home is just what you need. Similarly, those who don’t need a lot of space, a condo or townhouse can help you enjoy the perks of city life. Check whether the area is pet-friendly if you have pets in your house.

Research on the fact whether you want a city life or want a home with aesthetic views. Also, don’t forget to check the crime rates. Since, a house provides shelter to your loved ones, be careful about their safety.


Inspection is essential to know the reputation of the construction company who have to build the house. Knowing the construction company or the developer of the house will help you get an overall idea about how strong the root of a structure is, and whether the property is eligible to invest.

Pamela Cooke is a Wenatchee Real Estate Agent, and also the partner of her husband’s construction company the BOA Construction. She is not only an agent but also has her Realtors certification with other designations like Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) and also E-PRO.

She has a well-built network that includes mortgage brokers, home inspectors, handymen and builders in the area. Therefore, if you want a power pack, experienced and trustworthy Washington Real Estate Agent to serve you well, and guide you throughout the home buying and selling process, call at (509) 679-4625.


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